About Spoken Tapestry

Narratives have the capability of transcending race, ethnicity, political differences, and biases. Everyone lives their own story and has their own story to tell. Sharing your story gives others the ability to put a personal voice to a concept, theme, or injustice. Want to spread a message, get an idea across, or simply get something off your chest? I want to help by recording your anecdote for Tell Your Story DU podcast. I want this podcast to be a movement across the University of Denver campus by representing the humanity and “inclusion” that DU claims to represent. Let’s make changes and share your story!

About me: I am a first-year graduate student in the International and Intercultural Communication program at the University of Denver. I have recently faced my white privilege head on and want to help bring social justice and equality to minority groups. I believe storytelling can connect people on the  basis of human emotion and experience. By providing an outlet for people to share their stories, I hope to bring greater knowledge and understanding of the minority experience.